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Developing a laziness?

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Developing a laziness?
18/04/10 16:01
I've been doing griddlers since last fall now. I eventually got myself into a great habit of doing all the columns, then all the rows, and back to columns. It took extra time, but I rarely had any errors. But now I've gotten so comfortable at it, as soon as I see I've made a new mark in a column that will effect a row, I just go straight to that row and work more of a small area out at a time.

Problem is, I think I'm getting too rushed, I keep making errors and usually starting all over. Anyone else run into this problem as they get better at griddlers?

RE: Developing a laziness?
20/04/10 01:16 en réponse à Sarobin.
I used to always be haphazard, looking at rows, then columns, just adding in whatever blocks I saw.

The more Griddlers I do (and the more challenging the Griddlers I attempt) I find myself going column-by-column then row-by-row like a machine. But it takes so much longer using this method, sometimes I feel like I am wasting hours checking rows I don't need to- but it's the only way I can solve harder puzzles.

I have the opposite problem as you, the more I do Griddlers, the more I get into a machine-like habit!

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