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Tradition is tradition is tradition... ;-)

A few weeks before The Day, that is to say April's Fool Day, we got a message from a user whose name shall be kept close to the vest. He wrote, "a wicked idea popped into my devious mind".

We loved his idea right away and decided to go for it! Since he declared, "Should you decide to do it, I disavow all knowledge!" because he feared that "You will, no doubt, get death threats and LOTS of flaming hate mail," we can't tell you who he is.

Years from now we won't remember the prank we did on April's Fool Day 2007, so here it is:

One puzzle appeared on April 1:
ID: 44196
Description: Easiest or Hardest Ever
Author: April1
Size: 41x41
Color: 2
Points: 410,000,000
Mid Time: 00:01:04
Theme: Humor

Take a close look at the info: 410 million points puzzle is solvable in 1 minute and 4 seconds.
Yeah... right!

Thanks, Sean (Oops...) for your wonderful idea.

We will keep this puzzle for a few days to let our late solvers enjoy it too. Then, puzzle ID 44196 will be removed, unless you want to keep it? LOL (Of course, you still won't get 410 million points for it.)

Enjoy reading the comments in the next topic.
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