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Welcome Magyar! :-)

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Welcome Magyar! :-)
09/08/07 13:05
Hungarian (Magyar) - the 22nd language - has joined us today.

The Hungarian speaking users can now use the site with their mother tongue. The iGridd and Webstart users can enjoy the applets in Hungarian as well.

Special thanks to klarag and BoZso and Ilus who have been translating the site in the speed of light. Thanks to you the Hungarian community will grow rapidly, as it happens to all other communities once they have their own section.

Warm greetings, Hungary!

RE: Welcome Magyar! :-)
13/02/14 05:02 en réponse à hagitm.
Looks like i'm the only one who translate (when i have the time). So if anyone has a question, shoot.

Úgy tűnik, hogy már csak én fordítok (már ha van időm). Szóval ha kérésed lenne, kérdezz.

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