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05/02/09 16:52
I find it strange that people have two or three hours to spend on some of my hardest griddlers, yet don't have 30 seconds to leave a rating and a comment. Language is no excuse, 'cause that's why we have the dictionary, and there's nothing more satisfying for the puzzle creators than a few comments. Even critiscism or anger is better than nothing, because that helps me learn how to make better puzzles, and may ward others away from spending time on a bad puzzle. Some of my puzzles have hundreds or thousands of solvers and no more than three comments.


Leave comments. Rate puzzles.

RE: Comments
05/02/09 20:27 en réponse à hi19hi19.
I agree. I like to get comments on my puzzles. I like comments in other languages too. I can usually figure out what it means.

RE: Comments
06/02/09 12:54 en réponse à xitvono.
Yes, you're right, but recently I read comments:
Bad. Requires guessing. Cannot be solved PURELY with logic.

Not a big fan of guessing.

People! Main rule of the griddlers is that EVERY puzzle on that site is solvable using SLS.
Comments like that are mainly about small/medium b&w. Do you have comments like that too?

RE: Comments
02/03/09 06:07 en réponse à Oskar.
Sorry if I've given the wrong impression.

Any comments I leave fall into the category of either opinion or badly-worded English, not criticism.

I must admit I always regarded comments as messages to future solvers and didn't consider the feedback to author aspect. My bad.

Also, when I first started solving I was guided by the comments in order to avoid puzzles that couldn't be solved by logic alone because as quoted above I'm not a big fan of guessing. Sadly however I have discovered that comments regarding solvability are often unreliable (see the other quote in the previous post) and my comments now are usually motivated toward correcting misleading comments. As my skill in solving improves, my inclination to comment increases.

While I may not always leave a comment I recognise and appreciate the effort of authors to bring us these puzzles. Keep the puzzles coming guys and I'll make sure I put in a bit more effort when I finish one of your creations.


RE: Comments
02/03/09 07:28 en réponse à doc_lehrke.
Hm, yes I've been noticing more and more "This requires guessing!!!!!!" comments. It's quite annoying. Perhaps there should be a little notice somewhere prominent that ALL PUZZLES on the site can be solved with SLS. I know that is stated in the introduction, but honestly, how many of the people leaving those types of comments have read the introduction page? :roll:

Whenever I leave comments, I always try to leave something to the author (good puzzle, try this next time, don't do that, etc.) and a little bit to future solvers (a lot harder than the point value indicates, the triangles get annoying, don't bother with this one, etc.)

RE: Comments
03/03/09 03:08 en réponse à hi19hi19.
I have to admit I'm one of those who don't comment on puzzles. This isn't because I don't appreciate the hard work of all the artists on this site because believe me I'm in awe of them. It has to do with the fact I'm really bad with words. I have problems expressing myself with words. But believe me I love all the puzzles and do vote on all the ones I solve. Thanks to all the artists on all their hard work. I spend many hours enjoying them


RE: Comments
09/08/09 12:04 en réponse à tj170.
Can I blame the growing arthritis in my left hand as an excuse to not leave as many comments as I used to? LOL

After 23,000+ puzzles solved, it gets a little redundant to leave comments but I do always try to leave ones for those that either super-impress me or super-annoy me

But yeah I agree with your original sentiment; I was just reading the comments on my puzzles and I'm amazed at how sporatic the comments are in proportion to actual solvers emoticon

RE: Comments
13/08/09 16:41 en réponse à Strangesounds.

I haven't really made any puzzles yet, but I try as best I can to leave a comment to every puzzle I solve and I think everyone who has the ability to should, and that should be descriptive and explain your rating.

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