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Please remove pictures from main page

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Please remove pictures from main page
13/09/10 19:58
I have noticed that the sample pictures on the main page provide opportunity for cheating at solving. (12333 - Jump and others). Also the pictures on the book covers. Please remove them or change them to fake pictures,

RE: Please remove pictures from main page
14/09/10 19:26 en réponse à judite.
It's those pictures that got me hooked to the site.
There is only 2 ways to have a fake one. Using one for display only that members won't be able to solve or one that is unsolvable which is bad advertising.
It is nice to be able to tell a friend that you are trying to introduce to the site "I solve that one"

RE: Please remove pictures from main page
14/09/10 21:28 en réponse à edgarfrancois.
The images on the homepage are from real puzzles in the site. If you search the forums you might even be able to find the ID's, I remember someone asked about that a couple of years ago. But have a close look at the top image and compare the clues with the actual solution... And the grid is not right either. The resolution of the other two puzzles just would not be good enough for me to copy into the grid of the puzzle.

Apart from that, solving puzzles in this site is not a contest (apart from the G-match of course). So why would you care if anyone might be 'cheating' by copying the solution of a puzzle? The goal of this site is to have fun solving puzzles. Browsing through nearly 100.000 puzzles to find the one that matches the cover of a book could actually be another kind of interesting challenge ;-)

Have fun solving!


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