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Can't find all saved puzzles

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Can't find all saved puzzles
25/01/12 00:44
When I go to the saved puzzles tab only two show up, but it won't allow me to save anymore. I can't remember the other three so I can't delete them to make more room. Is there anyway to change this?

RE: Can't find all saved puzzles
25/01/12 07:23 en réponse à pirkit.
Non subscribers can save 2 puzzles max. Note that when you finish a puzzle, and if you saved it during the process of solving, the saved record disappears when you have the puzzle solved. Maybe that's what gave you the wrong impression you could save more than 2 puzzles.
Subscribers can save 50 puzzles online and an unlimited number of puzzles offline. Take a look at the subscriber's advantages. Saving a lot of puzzles is not the only benefit they get.

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