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Validation help
24/02/12 08:42
Here is part 1/2 of a 9-part multi I'm working on for a friend (it's of a Pokémon). The other two parts that initially failed I got to validate just fine by changing a pixel at a time and seeing what happened, but I'm at a loss for this part... any experienced authors have tips for validation?
(and yes, I know it's a 40x36. I'll try bringing it to 40x35 once I make sure it can be a valid puzzle)

Pièces jointes: multitest.png (2,6k)

RE: Validation help
26/02/12 08:44 en réponse à perinigricon.
Look at the attached image. Try to add pixels to the frame, as appeared in red color.

If you still have troubles in getting the multi validated, you can send the ".grd" file to me:


Pièces jointes: multitest2.png (31,2k)

RE: Validation help
26/02/12 14:10 en réponse à hagitm.
Thanks! I was starting one pixel over from where you specified, so I was never getting any progress. Puzzle submitted.

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