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Looking for Friends here.

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Looking for Friends here.
24/04/12 13:49
Hi!!! Well, I'm looking for a friend or two or three or whomever wants to be my friend. I really like puzzles, and I cant really find any friends around me who share my interests. So I would like some friends who I can talk puzzle to, challenge, recomend puzzles, recomend me puzzles. Ya know, some one who shares my interests.

RE: Looking for Friends here.
24/04/12 21:35 en réponse à Marbidlilibi.
Hi, welcome to Griddlers :-) I've met a couple of wonderful people through this site, and we did meet in real life as well a couple of times!
This forum can be a great place to find people with similar interests. Why not start with telling us which puzzles are your favorites? Do you have a specific author you like?
You could try the chat as well, we have it during the G-match and T-match.

And don't forget the great puzzles in here in the mean time!

RE: Looking for Friends here.
25/04/12 20:44 en réponse à Marbidlilibi.
You can tell us the meaning of your username or read what others wrote. You can also share with us the story behind your avatar or your profession.


RE: Looking for Friends here.
29/04/12 20:09 en réponse à hagitm.
Hi. Well.... marbid=morbid (how I am normaly described by my friends)
                 Lili= Lily (My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley)
                 b= B (My favorite letter of the alphabet)
                 i= eye (My favorite facial features, what I see first when I meet some one)

As for my avatar, I just like snakes. Snakes are cute. I'm a housewife, I dont work, I sit at home and play video games and make puzzles. 
I love love love jigzaw puzzles, once I complete on I glue it to a cardboard and frame it. I dont have a favorite puzzle aouthor, for me all that counts is that a puzzle is good. I really am only into crosswords, jigsaws and monograms. 

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