griddlers will only half-load after updating java

Yesterday, I updated to the latest version of java... big mistake.

It seems only half the applet loads. No solve button.
Same thing with Chrome. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling java completely, but still get the same result.
Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: griddlers will only half-load after updating java
13/06/12 03:46 en réponse à lami.
Try this link. If you don't find an old version of Java fitable to you - search Google.
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RE: griddlers will only half-load after updating java
14/06/12 11:33 en réponse à Hagit Maor.
Thanks for the link, hagitm.
After uninstalling and reinstalling countless old versions of java and seeing none working (Java was not recognized as installed), I found a solution.
I first installed the latest version of Java. Without uninstalling it, installed one of the older versions (Java 6 update 27).
Then uninstalled the latest version. After doing this, Java on Chrome started working with this message:
"Java was blocked because it is out of date. Run this time?"
Clicking on "Run this time" worked, so I knew Java was installed correctly. But Firefox was still displaying the "Missing plugin" message. I had to manually click on "Enable" on the Add-ons/Plugins page on Firefox to make it work. Apparently, Java plugin was automatically disabled because it was not the latest version.
Hope this helps someone having similar troubles.

I'm running Windows Vista/Firefox 12.
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