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13/01/13 09:59
hello!                                                                       i need help

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RE: 115542
13/01/13 09:58 en réponse à ayelet_avni2000.
Sorry missed this one, do you still need help with it? Let me know and I will look at it emoticon


RE: 115542
15/01/13 07:23 en réponse à dreamtheater.
 i still need help thank you......y the enter not working in this page?                                                                         

RE: 115542
15/01/13 09:18 en réponse à ayelet_avni2000.
OK, here we go!

First of all the big red block in columns 35-37: In column 37 the first clue is a 14, but you only marked 13, correct that and the 4&5 in column 35 and 36, and you will have solvd the problem in row 21.

The blue marked spots in rows 32-35. They all have to be background (count the clues in the rows and you will see that I am correct, if you don't see it, let me know. The ones in rows 32, 34 & 35 are quite straightforward, the one in row 33 a little bit more difficult to determine). These backgrounds don't help you much though at this point, other than that you can fill in one more spot of the 6-clue in column 20.

Now for the yellow spots in columns 36 & 38. They have to be black (overlapping clues). The black in column 38 gives you 2 more backgrounds in the adjacent cells (marked in blue), those backgrounds lead to 2 more blacks in columns 37 & 39 (marked in green, overlapping clues).

Now for the most important clue: Look at row 38. The last 3 clues in that row are (from right to left) 5, 2 & 1. If you try to put the 5 to the right of the single black in column 40, you will find that the 2 & 1 clue don't fit. That automatically means that the black in column 40 HAS TO BE part of the 5-clue, so you can put background in the spots marked red. It also means that, no matter if the 2 black in row 38/columns 36&37 are part of the 5-clue, or are the 2-clue, you can put a background in column 35 as well (marked in red).

Now you can continue quite nicely in the right side of the puzzle emoticon

Hope all of this makes sense, if not, let me know, I will try to explain it better emoticon

Good luck, Maarten (and PLEASE let me know if you managed to solve it, so I can mark the topic as 'resolved')

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RE: 115542
16/01/13 08:31 en réponse à dreamtheater.
i finish the puzzle thank you emoticon

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