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21/12/12 15:56
I've only been doing these for a month or so, but I've gotten stuck on this part of the flaming nymph. For me, there were not enough obvious clues, and I had to start "guessing" too soon. Can anyone tell me what steps I should be taking when this happens?  The X's are all the places where I have no idea what to do. I tried at one point to do overlapping clues in the left side of the puzzle, but after that I couldn't get anything else to work, and I had to start all over with that side. Any help would be appreciated!

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22/12/12 19:25 en réponse à reneejerden.
It's very obvious what I would do next. Focus on columns four through eleven. That should give you 132 green pixels to start with.

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22/12/12 23:24 en réponse à bejjinks.
Bejinks is right, but do focus on the right side as well. Have a look at the 1 but last column and try to place the light greens :-) There aren't that may place where they can go.

Have fun solving!


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13/01/13 09:56 en réponse à Jeltje.
Do you still need help, or can I mark this post as 'resolved'? Please let us know how you did!


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15/01/13 00:34 en réponse à dreamtheater.
Resolved! Thanks, all!

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