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security warning after opening every griddler

Every time I open a griddler, a Security Warning window displays (attachment).
Although I always check "Do not show this again for this app" the window displays for every newly opened griddler.
It looks like each griddler has separate application, thus I have to accept it for each one. (You can see it in the line "Location:" - number at the end is always different, it is griddler ID.)

How can I get rid of these warnings?

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RE: security warning after opening every griddler
17/01/13 08:37 en réponse à anna26.
Read what Ra100 suggests in HERE or use Firefox. If you choose to use Firefox, update the browser and then - when you activate the plugin, notice a small icon to the left of the address bar, where www.griddles.net/... is. Click it and select "Always activate Java for this site". It'll save you those extra clicks you need to do when opening a puzzle.
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