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Widescreen Griddlers
2009.10.28. 17:16
Hi fellow Griddlers addicts,

I recently got myself a new toy: a shiny blue netbook. I enjoy being able to do Griddlers anywhere I have my netbook with me, but I've found a problem. The netbook has a small screen, of course, but more to the point, it has a wide screen. I can usually shrink a Griddler down so I can see the horizontal direction completely on the screen, but I always have to do a lot of vertical scrolling to see the bottom half of the puzzle. It takes me about twice as long to solve a puzzle on the netbook as it does on a regular screen. Not that that will stop me, mind you...

My suggestion is this: could we have a new category, something like "Widescreen-friendly", to flag puzzles that have dimensions viewable on wide screens or small screens? These puzzles would need to be rectangular rather than square, maybe 50 wide by 25 high (I haven't tested the actual workable dimensions, so that's just a guess.) Widescreen-friendly multis would have parts that hold to those dimensions, instead of square pieces. I know, I know, I could just check the dimensions in the list, but I'm thinking it might be nice to have an icon like the one for Kiddlers that make these more obvious. As more and more people get netbooks, it might also encourage authors to create puzzles for this growing group. I'm completely hooked -- on both Griddlers and my netbook -- but I could see other solvers giving up on Griddlers in frustration because of the extra annoyance.

Thanks for all the fun solving!

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RE: Widescreen Griddlers
2009.10.28. 18:39 válaszként erre: Tami Morse.
Hi Tami,

A nice suggestion. Maybe the Team will add it to their 'to do' list, it's easy for them to check the stats of users that solve the puzzles from netbooks like yours.

In the mean time, do you realise it is very easy to select the puzzles that fit to your criteria? Just set the height of the puzzle to a max of 25 or 30 in any group of large puzzles.
Actually, I think it's more important for you to ask authors to create more wide-screen puzzles in the first place.I just found 84 colored puzzles that are 50 wide and 25 (or less) high. There will be some more in the group of B&W puzzles.

Have fun solving,

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