The site is slow? You can check where the problem is

The site is slow? There is a way to know if the problem lies in the site itself, or in your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or somewhere along the way of the WWW (World Wide Web). It is called - TraceRoute.

TraceRoute traces the hops (jumps) from your computer to a certain destination (a website, like Griddlers). The first hops show the jump(s) from your computer to your Internet Provider, from there the hops go through the backbone that your Internet Provider uses to route internet traffic. The last hops show the backbone of the website's hosting provider towards your Internet Provider.

When you trace the route from your computer to a website, it looks as follows:

Each hop shows timing information, designated by 3 sets of "ms" (milliseconds) ratings.
Timing below 300 ms is good timing.
Anything above that up to 1000 ms indicates some delays which will ultimately affect your overall connection performance.
Any "ms" timings represented by an asterisk (*) indicate a time-out (bad connection).

How to TraceRoute:
Open a DOS window.
In Windows XP: Start --> Run (type: cmd and click Okay)
In Windows (other versions): Start/Programs/Asseccories/Dos Prompt

Type: tracert (and Enter)

If you see bad timing (or asterisks) in the first hops - the problem lies in your Internet Provider.
If the bad timing occurs along the way - there isn't much you can do but wait until it is fixed because you don't control the routes of the internet.
If the bad timing occurs in the last 2 hops - the problems is in Griddlers.
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