If there is a problem - please tell us, don't keep it to yourself

The following message was sent to us:

I have a question about griddler 8372 (Madrid 11-3-04). It is a 50 by 50 and difficulty 210 - which is the problem. My mother felt it was more difficult than 210. How is it that it was rated so low?

The answer is quite simple: A couple of months ago we had a problem in the workshop. We didn't know about it until two puzzles with multi-solutions sneaked in. We fixed the problem right away, but for a few days some puzzles were not checked correctly, the difficulty was not calculated properly either.

Griddler 8372 was re-checked. Now it is worth 111,877 points, as it should be. If you see a sudden change in your score (more than 100,000 points) it means that you solved this puzzle and got the right points this time.

We wish to ask you to let us know when you sense that something is wrong. If you keep it to yourself we would never know.

We also want to thank Boychild who informed us about the problem. He is an 11 year old solver who cares about the site greatly. THANK YOU, William. :-)
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