Bug in Save Slot code

Bug in Save Slot code
2004.10.01. 13:14
With the recent introduction of the series "Can you name them all?", I typed that into the description box of the Griddlers search page. After showing the results, I clicked Slot3 to save the search. I received the following error

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException No value specified for parameter 1

When I removed the question mark (now using the description "Can you name them all"), the error no longer occurred. Since ? is commonly used to signify a parameter in a SQL statement, an escape character may be required to allow the punctuation to be saved.

I hope this error hasn't already been posted, but the forums can tend to be a bit difficult to navigate. With all the other improvements being made to the site, I don't mind waiting for the forums to be overhauled. Thanks for the great work!
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