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List of solved Griddlers

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List of solved Griddlers
2011.09.05. 20:22
I'm new on this site and I would like to know, where I can see a list of all my solved griddlers. Does it only work, if I pay for this site? Thank you for your answers!

RE: List of solved Griddlers
2011.09.05. 20:54 válaszként erre: Ragusa55.
Hi Ragusa,

Welcome to Griddlers! You can see in the list of puzzles if you solved them or not, but you can only sort and select on them if you subscribe to iGridd. You get some more advantages if you do subscribe, like saving a lot of puzzles and play them off line. iGridd itself is a very nice program to solve them with. Give it a try!

Have fun solving,


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