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Forum posts time
2012.01.30. 20:16
I meant the time of the posting of my post, which was around the time that the # of people were on, didn't line up with the GMT clock in the upper right. I noticed it before I edited my post which then changed it to 4pm even though it was past midnight GMT, so something weird is/was happening.

Edit: It just happened again it says ~9:15 am but it's 8:15 pm GMT and I'm at 12:15 pm??? 

RE: Forum posts time
2012.01.31. 9:54 válaszként erre: cosmictrombonis.
The time in the forum has been -11 hours since the update. Didn't anyone notice this before? Really? Oh well, I'm sure it will be fixed, when all the other (more important) bugs are dealt with. Also, did you notice, everyone has joined the site 27&28 Dec 2011 (and some even later)? emoticon

RE: Users Online
2012.01.31. 14:09 válaszként erre: Jenny84.
well, it is possible that the time zone for forum is according to your profile settings, which is not accessible for you. Maybe I can fix it.
End of December is date of data migration for the portal. Form this point of everyone is on the new portal since that date ;-) .
Oh, yes, after one million other fixies I'll do this.

RE: Forum posts time
2012.02.11. 18:38 válaszként erre: Jenny84.
I did update the timezone of forum to GMT. It is that time shown in top right corner so you can compare to current time if you are not sure.
Now I am updating user profile field of registration date. There are some from 2002 ;-) .

RE: Forum posts time
2012.02.12. 14:21 válaszként erre: Ra100.
There are some from 2002 ;-) .

So this means, the site is celebrating it's 10th birthday this year?! Anything special planned...? ;-)

PS. Thank You Very Much for all the million and 2 fixes emoticon 

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