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Puzzle was changed to meaningless image

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Puzzle was changed to meaningless image
2012.02.13. 13:18
I created this puzzle: http://www.griddlers.net/triddlers/-/triddlers/10728 which was supposed to be a quadratic koch fractal. That is a fractal image, and the whole idea of it is to repeat the same structure in smaller and smaller scale, in this case a square of 4x4 which has a pattern in the middle 2x2 squares. However, after I submitted the puzzle, someone removed the edges of the puzzle and now this puzzle is no longer a quadratic koch fractal.

Please put the edges back, they weren't there just accidentally, they are a part of the fractal image. Or alternatively, name it to something else, as it is no longer what the title claims it to be.

RE: Puzzle was changed to meaningless image
2012.02.13. 20:02 válaszként erre: Jenneth.

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