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lost griddler

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lost griddler
2012.07.18. 15:20
I submitted a multi-griddler a couple of days ago. It showed up in my statistics but the next day it disappeared and there was no message. What happened to it? Do I need to resubmit it?

RE: lost griddler
2012.07.20. 6:51 válaszként erre: bejjinks.
In the Workshop page, under the How to Use paragraph, there is a list of topics. Click on the section Which Puzzles are Accepted? and read the text. The most important is:

Since dozens of new puzzles are submitted every day, it is impossible to notify and explain to every author why their puzzle was not accepted.

Do not get offended if your puzzle was not accepted. It takes a long time to learn the rules and techniques that go along with making them.

Unfortunately, your multi did not qualify our puzzles quality but you shouldn't feel discouraged because you are with us for less than a month. Solve more puzzles, get the grip on it, and try again.


RE: lost griddler
2012.07.20. 15:29 válaszként erre: hagitm.
I wasn't expecting a reason for the rejection. I just wanted to know whether it was a rejection or a technical issue.

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