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2012.08.13. 11:55
Could we expect to see some support for Linux users in the near future ?

2012.08.14. 14:26 válaszként erre: miffy360.
Miffy, are you talking about support for iGridd?  It already works on Linux.  The only problem I've seen is that occasionally when I complete a puzzle on a Linux system using iGridd, the Griddler server gets confused and allows me to vote but doesn't mark the puzzle as solved.  For that reason I usually just use the web interface.

2012.08.18. 20:37 válaszként erre: mudshark.
I use Linux and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this site. I used to use windows and really miss the extras ie using the Ctrl key to fill in blocks of colours, the ability to use the crosses in the clue area etc. So was just wondering if these could be added for Linux users too. Thank you

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