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Saved puzzle disappeared

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Saved puzzle disappeared
2012.11.16. 3:23
I started solving a huge multi-griddler with a Christmas theme, and completed the first column (8-10 50*50 puzzles).  Now, it has disappeared from my saved list (sigh!)  Any way to recover it?

RE: Saved puzzle disappeared
2012.11.16. 8:51 válaszként erre: dms489.
As a subscriber is it very easy to find:

Open iGridd Applet, click on MultiGriddlers.
Was it a Color or a Black and White multi? I guess it was Color. So - click on Color.
Select "Partially Solved" in the Filters pane.
There are two result:
124712 - Euro 2012
88072 - Christmas Turmoil Riddle
Now you can go to Home panel (click on the top folder on the left menu).
At the bottom of that panel there are two search fields: Griddlers and Triddlers. Write 88072 in Griddlers and hit GO.
Is it really 88072 the multi with the Christmas theme that you looked for?

RE: Saved puzzle disappeared
2012.11.17. 1:31 válaszként erre: hagitm.
Yes,that's the one - I have it back.  Thanks.

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