save failed
2012.12.30. 5:17
About half the time after completing a puzzle the saving of it fails.  It will try to save for about 5 minutes.  during which time the window freezes.  And then I get a small notice that the save failed and would I like to retry.  No matter how many times I retry, it never saves.  I just have to close out the window and then start the puzzle from scratch again.  This is becoming very frustrating b/c about half of the puzzles I solve, I end up having to solve twice b/c it doesn't save it the first time.  

Anyone else having this issue?  It seems to have come about with the new applet.  I wasn't having the issue before.  It is very quickly turning me off of my favorite website.
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RE: save failed
2012.12.30. 12:19 válaszként erre: kmlake42 ..
We still "fight" against something that happens during the night. The peak is between 2 to 4 AM GMT, so we believe. Any detail and/or fragments of into are welcome. It helps up finding the culprit. We strongly hope to put it to an end asap. Just be platient, please.

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