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Solved Puzzle Not Updated on my Score

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Solved Puzzle Not Updated on my Score
2012.07.10. 14:54
Hi Guys.
On 7/8 I solved a puzzle, bringing my points to 3,074,262,585 at 3,317 puzzles.
Today I finished #34822 for 4,160,585. When I solved, I was offline.
I went online and refreshed my point score page, but I hadn't got credit yet. Nor 30 minutes later.
Thanks, BB

Mellékletek: Solved 34822.gif (14,6k)

RE: Solved Puzzle Not Updated on my Score
2012.07.10. 17:45 válaszként erre: logiclover.
Go to the last panel on the left menu: Reset All
Answer YES to the question: Do you want to clear the solving cache.
While your computer clears the cache - don't do anything else on the computer.
Check the puzzle you didn't get the credit for and see if it is there. If not, send to team@griddlers.net the ID(s) of the puzzle(s) you solved and didn't et the credit for.


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