No more iGridd for me

No more iGridd for me
02/02/08 22.19
I used the iGridd applet for a couple of months but am not happy with it.
It will not save my lists (not that I have that many)
and I am not able to look at the puzzles the way I want.
It is also a lot slower than playing on the site.

I am going back to the "old fashion way" of solving griddlers.

Are there other people out there who have the same expierence?
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Re: No more iGridd for me
30/03/08 19.15 come risposta a Paula.
I love the applet so much. The once or twice that I've tried going back to the old way, I always get so frustrated. I like the features (like block fill) much better in the applet... And I used the regular way for a couple years before the applet came along.

But everyone has their own preferences. Whatever way you prefer to get your griddler fix.. emoticon
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