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To all the complainers

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To all the complainers
07/05/08 18.10
If this comes off as rude, don't worry, it was sort of intended to be.

So, you're pissed off that a feature that was crippling the servers was removed. Clearly a conspiracy to force more people to subscribe, those greedy greedy admins are living like kings off your donations! Except its kind of absolutely nothing like that. The servers required to power a site of this size with as much traffic as this one pulls cost thousands of dollars a month, at a minimum. Thats more than many people make in a month working full time. And they are probably paying a sizable chunk of that out of their own pockets. I would also venture to guess that both hagit and rasto spend somewhere around 6-8 hours a night of their own free time just working on the upkeep of griddlers, validating new puzzles, coding new features, running gmatch, responding to everyone on the forums, and what have you.

Never forget, while you are complaining, that they are providing an incredible amount of content, which you are free to play forever without paying a dime. I challenge you to find more than one or two other places that offer so much entertainment for such a small cost without barraging you with ad banners, come-ons, and other nonsense.

The point is this: stop complaining. Hagit and Rasto dont owe you a thing. If you have solved so many puzzles that you cannot find one thats unsolved without going 25 pages in, then maybe you should support the site. or you could you know, start browsing at page 25, instead of flipping through those first 25 over and over.

and to croyd: if you have really solved over 13,000 puzzles, which im sure has taken many thousands of hours out of your life, and you still dont think its worth 5$, maybe you should find a new hobby (just a suggestion)

RE: To all the complainers
07/05/08 18.53 come risposta a Aelia.
I agree totally Aelia.

I do subscribe, and the iGridd was taking forever to load. Sometimes more than 5 minutes! Since this change was instituted, its opening quickly again. emoticon

I'm pretty broke myself for the last few years, but I use the money I get as a Christmas present to pay for my subscription. I figure its only fair that I help to pay for something that I spend so much time at. I used to think that everything on the internet should be free and that you shouldn't have to register to be a member of anything online either. Since I've learned more about things, I've changed my mind.

Thank You Griddlers Team! emoticon

RE: To all the complainers
07/05/08 20.51 come risposta a Aelia.
I totally Agree,
Croyd solved 13000 griddlers in 5 years (=1825 days) which is an average of 7 puzzles a day, day in day out ,without holiday stops or what so ever. Not exactly an occasional griddler solver. he solves average 2600 griddlers costing him 1.5 dollar cent per puzzle.

When the site started to ask money I truly had my doubts. Not because of the money but I was afraid that this site could turn from a meeting place of builders and solvers in a commercial site like spelpunt.nl in the Netherlands.

Well that did not happen and some features of the applet wre great, only it was incredible sluggish the last weeks until ........... TODAY emoticon .

Removing the filter speeded up the start up with a factor 5 or more. So in stead of complaining I would like to thank the team for their decision.


Troefboer / Ruud

RE: To all the complainers
07/05/08 23.56 come risposta a troefboer.
Amen to all that's said by the others above!

There was a discussion just like this a couple of years ago when the team carefully asked for small donations, because they couldn't afford to pay for everything out of there own pockets anymore. It was like all hell broke loose! "What?? YOU won't pay for MY hobby anymore??"

And it's the same now ... sigh, sigh, double sigh and boohoo too!

To everyone who IS willing to pay a commercial company (i.e. a company that makes as big a profit as possible to keep the shareholders satisfied) for their connection to the internet, but is to cheap to support a couple of idealists who spend most if not all of their freetime AND a fair chunk of their own money purely for your enjoyment:
it might indeed be a very good idea to go and find it elsewhere!

GO TEAM! :thumbleft:

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