If you really miss not-solved filter and really don't want to use iGridd...

I understand why everyone is upset. This place is a community, the puzzles are donated, and the site is free. Because of this, when changes come that radically change the way things work we feel left out, bothered, and pushed away from the community. We forget that even though we're not required to pay dues (though encouraged to do so), our club requires air-conditioning. And server space, bandwidth and constant upkeep. At other clubs they pass the hat (or coffee can). Here they ask for a PayPal or mailed donation.

For those who can't use iGridd, and those who really can't afford even the nominal price that a subscription costs, it is especially frustrating when the site becomes less functional. For this, I would like to make a suggestion. Please consider the hours and hours and hours that the Team spend in making this wonderful place available to us and donate a little of your time to solving the filter problem.

You can do it! At least, you can do it for yourself. It might take awhile. Time you'd rather spend griddling. And it won't be as convenient as it was before, when the filters were sucking up all that cpu time, but it'll work, if you are willing to make it work.

You can go through all the pages of puzzles and copy and paste the listings into a spread sheet, then sort for solved. Or you can delete the solved lines. If you're a long time member whose done most of them you can just go through and note down the unsolved ones. Then, when you first sign in each time, go to the New Puzzles and add them to your list. And if you don't have or can't use a spreadsheet, you can just print the pages and use a highlight pen. Put them in a binder and you'll be all set.

Not as immediate or easy as it used to be, but if you're in a position for this to be a concern at all--that is, if you've done so many puzzles that this filter is at all useful to you--it's a way to keep going without paging through all the puzzles every time.
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RE: If you really miss not-solved filter and really don't want to
08/10/08 21.23 come risposta a JC.
I have done my own "have to solve lists" by pencil and paper.
What I really miss is the possibility to select solved puzzles and watch them when I'm too tired to solve new ones.
It was also nice to see f.e. all 30 x 30 griddlers in one list.
I was out of Griddlers-site few months because I don't like this new policy to cut down the possibilities that were there earlier.
I hope the possibility to select solved/unsolved comes back.

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