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free paint mode
14/12/11 21.01
i propose a way that you can pick a color, and then any square you pick will turn that color, so i can just tap each square to turn it black instead of having to pick the square, then tap black, then pick a square, then tap black, etc

RE: free paint mode
31/01/12 21.56 come risposta a Aelia.
I agree, I love griddlers, and have been a member for years. Sadly, I play other apps because the cross bar thing makes to many clicks needed. I would love to play this app, I just wish you could choose the color and click on the square and get rid of the cross bar thing all together, or at least give us the option to choose which way to play.

RE: free paint mode
14/05/12 1.51 come risposta a graber.
Check the last version that is to be released today.

Your wish is our command!

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