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21/01/13 3.19
Don't know if it's Java or what but puzzles are very slow loading.  I also get the java pop up every puzzle.
This isn't fun anymore.  Is there a fix?

RE: slooow
21/01/13 10.48 come risposta a piper60.
We are on it, but we need help - yours or others.
Please try again tonight, at the same time if you can, and let us know if it is still slow for you. I hope we are not back to the slowness experience we had a couple of weeks ago. If we are you should feel a big difference between the time of solwness and other times.
Thanks, and sorry for the troubles.

RE: slooow
21/01/13 11.04 come risposta a piper60.
I also get the java pop up every puzzle.
Read here: how to bypass the Java alerts.

RE: slooow
22/01/13 2.45 come risposta a piper60.
I'm having trouble as well.  Only it's when the puzzle is solved that it seems to take forever to post the completed puzzle.  I first noticed it yesterday.  This has got to stop.

RE: slooow
23/01/13 12.33 come risposta a acs1978.
It will not happen tonight, nor next nights. However, every Sunday, between 2AM  to 8AM GMT, the site may be a bit slower. Just a bit. You will not need to wait long when saving a puzzle. You will not need to wait long if you solve a puzzle and the system registers it as solved.

Saying that, we wish to get more info from you during that time (Sunday - 2-8AM GMT). Tell us if it was slow nonetheless and what action you did that cause it to be slow (saving, solving, browsing, etc).

Thanks in advance for your patience and sorry for the troubles. We believe we'll find the right solution for the backup.


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