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Seeing completed puzzles closer up.

構造的に表示 平面上に表示 ツリー上に表示
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Hi, I really enjoy the site but I have a question. I've just completed a beautiful puzzle and of course while completing it I got the real close up view of each part (it was a multi) but as each component was finished it of course shrank to its size on the screen where you go into it, which in this case was very small. I am really proud of my efforts in completing puzzles and would have liked to have viewed the completed effort in a little bit more detail. Can you enlarge the completed puzzle so you can "revisit" where you have been? I'd need to get new glasses to view it otherwise. Thanks Maggie

RE: Seeing completed puzzles closer up.
09/11/29 0:12 Maggiegongへのコメント
No need to buy new glasses. After solving a new button appears - Show. Click it and use the zoom in/out buttons to enlarge the image or make it small.


RE: Seeing completed puzzles closer up.
09/11/30 7:33 hagitmへのコメント
thank you so much. Love this site. Maggie

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