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Last of Woa's Griddlers

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Last of Woa's Griddlers
07/04/01 14:17
I'm just working through the last 100 of Woa's Griddlers and came across ID: 1008 - Tricycle .. 8)

Bravo .. wonderful .. perfect .. what a joy to work on .. it's a stunning Griddle .. not difficult or challenging at all .. but just a thoroughly perfectly crafted Griddler .. if you haven't already completed it .. do !! Do go and try it .. just for the pleasure of seeing the little tricycle when it's finished .. :toothy7:

:cry: I am really going to miss Woa's great Griddlers once I have finished them all .. we have some truly great authors here in Griddlers .. but Woa was in a class of his own .. beautifully crafted Griddlers .. with some really workable logic that flows delightfully .. :thumbright:

RE: Last of Woa's Griddlers
10/05/03 9:20 patootieへのコメント
:oops: several years on and I still have another 30 of Woa's beautiful Griddlers left to do .. taking an accidental Sabbatical from Griddlers has sure left me a lot of 'unfinished' personal challenges to still sit and work my way through ..

Now where was I .. yes .. 2312: Cowgirl .. 36 squares horizontal .. interconnected with just 13 vertical clues .. hmmm ...

I may be some time .. emoticon

Update: .. 30 minutes in and I have a nice shaped cowgirl hat appearing .. beautiful logic .. so well crafted that the next step only becomes clear after you finish one piece .. 8)

RE: Last of Woa's Griddlers
10/05/03 10:43 patootieへのコメント
Update again; 1 hour in and I have all the right side done .. all the top half .. and 'just' need to fit in the lower left quadrant emoticon

Got the eyes but no nose or mouth .. hahaha

Woohooo and finished .. lovely picture .. typical Woa .. somewhat whimsical .. beautiful flowing logic that makes you work around the Griddler piece by piece .. it draws you in .. so the more you do the more you can do ... so well crafted .. very clever .. thank you for the fun !!

Time taken 1:18:29 .. mid time 1:26:39 ...8)

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