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Griddle and Riddle: Determine the Names of the Products

The multi Riddle: Determine the Names of the Products depicts the digits 1-9 as they appear in the logos of popular US consumer products. (A digit may be from a multi-digit number.)

The challenge: Determine the names of the nine products represented in the puzzles.

Send your list of product names to mooseroo. Solvers who submit a complete, correct list will have their names published in this forum as a winner.

Have fun griddling and riddling. emoticon
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RE: Griddle and Riddle: Determine the Names of the Products
12/11/05 20:47 Hagit Maorへのコメント


for being the 1st successful solver of this "riddle."

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RE: Griddle and Riddle: Determine the Names of the Products
13/03/03 18:42 Hagit Maorへのコメント
Congratulations to the growing list of solvers for their successful completion of the challenge!

2nd - tazrarose

3rd - sslug

4th - Whack86

5th - knockaemoticon
Our first solver from outside the U.S. to complete the riddle! Incredible skill!

6th - stetsonic

7th - nlind

8th - Chromata

9th - marjiekate

10th - Antimac2004

11th - Avaleen

12th - eedev

13th - southside218200

14th – lmtrav

15th – rltipping

16th – brittanysax

17th - Ana-Mariaemoticon
Our first solver from Europe to complete the challenge! (Very resourceful!)

18th - corn2008

19th – jimdrakemom

20th - glllop

21st - allie_cat71

22nd – Elinstein

23rd - luweewuemoticon

24th - mdr23

25th – luluplayin

26th – dainenyu

27th - hevennsent

28th – Emberbee

29th – tamimcgill

30th - skk7878

31st - redhead64

32nd - epiphany17

33rd - suzanna_41

34th - kokomo

35th - Gwydion42

36th – JannaP

37th - bethfay

38th – bikerbitchemoticon
A diligent solver from Norway! (Is that the beginning of a bawdy limerick?)

39th – croozer

40th - DinaTaylor

41st - tj170

42nd – Aymster

43rd – D_Shane

44th – yayacajun

45th – lusta33:emoticon

46th - LadyRose59

47th - iceprincess0611

48th - deaselca

49th - Yosh1989

50th - Irma_benik

Thank you all again for playing!
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RE: Griddle and Riddle: Determine the Names of the Products
13/05/18 0:34 Hagit Maorへのコメント

51st - tribegirl152

52nd - auntjulie

53rd - AWalker

54th - rrtrax

55th - sweetjuniper972

56th - kruzy

57th - net1600

58th - wpippin

59th - Mrwizard

It's been a treat hearing from so many fellow griddicts... I hope to hear from YOU soon! - mooseroo
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