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Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google

構造的に表示 平面上に表示 ツリー上に表示
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Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
11/09/01 12:46
Each section of the multi Ask Uncle Google depicts a small part of 6 different larger images. When solved, each section will reveal a secret message(*). Use each section's secret message in a Google image search to find the larger image it comes from.

Send to mooseroo a list of the images' subjects to have your name listed in this forum as a Winner.
(*) Secret messages appear as a small key by the puzzle's title (look below).

Click on the small key to get the message itself.

A note from the author: The best thing a solver can do is check the secret message immediately after solving a section.
If your sections are already solved and you can't get all six messages, try this. In the upper right of your saved Griddlers page is "Go directly to Puzzle ID." Enter each section's ID from here one at a time (113589 - 113594) and the secret message should change each time until you get all six. If this doesn't work, message me and I will send them to you. (A special note: the secret message is currently not available in I-Gridd.)

For further help or clarification, feel free to contact mooseroo.

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
12/02/02 2:02 hagitmへのコメント


for being the first to complete the "Ask Uncle Google" challenge!

Great solving...

but who will fill out the Top 10?

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
12/02/02 2:08 hagitmへのコメント
Congratulations to solvers 2-10!
2. marylynnjoe

3. obg80
4. Staress
5. haniabasia
6. Irin4ik
7. Jenny84
8. Epsilon
10. miffy360

It's always a treat to hear from you!


RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
12/02/02 2:01 hagitmへのコメント
Solvers 11 - 25

11. emiliemp

12. brain

13. stan67

14. Platinum

15. emoska

16. mdr23

17. Bimis

18. tkdmom3dan

19. Corinna

20. frizzyhead

21. lbritt


23. cleany

24. Akatsuki

25. knocka

And the hits just keep on rollin'...

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
12/02/02 2:13 hagitmへのコメント
Solvers 26 - 40
26. isi_c
27. isidor
28. yhs
29. Ramblume
30. marjiekate
31. cipollina
32. Top-Secret
33. luweewu
34. allie_cat71
35. bexypoos
36. EdithZhu
37. Kamicazze
38. MrMessiah
39. KarinKnipping
40. glllop

I am so pleased to hear from so many people from so many different places!


RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
13/05/31 2:22 hagitmへのコメント
Solvers 41-55
41. roy464
42. wbennett
43. Amoz
44. snaveira
45. Ana-Maria
46. tribegirl152
47. Eline95x
48. koma
49. vervoutaim
50. Skeffen
51. Prisol
52. JoanDArc
53. lessientje
54. raiderfan614
55. LolaC
That Uncle Google is such a helpful old soul....

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
13/10/02 21:53 hagitmへのコメント
Solvers 56-70                                                                                      56. kruzy   

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
13/10/03 7:41 hagitmへのコメント
I've got the first attachment here.  <...>  The others are also attached.  Some of the pictures are close but slightly different from the pictures.
Sorry Kevikna, I've deleted your post. It contains all the answers and so spoils the fun for other solvers. Please contact Moosoroo with your answers and he will add your name to the list above.

Have fun solving!

RE: Griddle and Riddle: Ask Uncle Google
13/10/06 11:46 Jeltjeへのコメント

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