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Special COMPLETION Large Multi-Griddlers puzzle award please !!

Hey, Griddlers administeration staffs, who has created the Large Multi Griddlers puzzle category with more than 25 panels such as 50, 70, and 100 panels, etc, in that category as you should be learnt that we the puzzlers are very feverishly very hard to complete that '100 panels' puzzle which yields out the great achievement crown after long-period solving it, even for long months solving time, to be awarded with a special merit such as 'Certificate on completion of Large Multi-Griddlers puzzle' with the finished puzzle's title name printed on it. I think that it is good idea as we can overlook at the puzzlers' experiences with Large Multi-Griddlers puzzles awards being sent to them from you. That is quite the better opportunity way. So why don't you create one ? Many Griddlers puzzlers might will like this idea with increasing popularity effect. At the other hand, if a player has completed the Small or Medium Multi-Griddlers puzzles,  doesn't required to issue the certificate as normal manner. Well, what about it ? emoticon
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