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Multigriddlers with more than 30 parts

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So the workshop says that multigriddlers that consist of more than 30 parts must be coordinated with the Griddlers Team. Just what does this entail?

RE: Multigriddlers with more than 30 parts
12/02/23 6:50 ShorinBJへのコメント
Send the image or a sketch of what you plan to submit as a multi to team@griddlers.net . We review it and tell you if it qualifies the website.

RE: Multigriddlers with more than 30 parts
15/03/13 7:33 ShorinBJへのコメント
In vain, I browsed though all multi part gridllers for a puzzle with more than 30 parts. Could simeone please provide me with puzzle IDs that match this criteria for proposed 4 star tasks? (I hope it is not a trick to using free key).

btw I don't use iGriddler or java applet. Just plain HTML.

RE: Multigriddlers with more than 30 parts
15/03/13 9:26 ybbへのコメント
I think the link to multi catery is not correct, it should be http://www.griddlers.net/griddlers/-/griddlers/ml (Multi large) where almost all multis has more than 30 parts.
For instance this one http://www.griddlers.net/griddlers/-/griddlers/152087 is large enough and easy.

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