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Unable to lunch griddlers workshop

構造的に表示 平面上に表示 ツリー上に表示
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Unable to lunch griddlers workshop
12/07/30 19:08
i have a problem with griddlers workshop. When I open a griddlers worshop page, there is a white "button" (right above "There are two ways to create puzzles..." and beside "We dont accept..." warning) When I click on that button it become light brown, but I doesn't do anything useful. And I can't find anything more useable.

I'm afraid it is some sort of technical issue. I'm using linux (could this be a problem or am I only blind) - on the other hand - with playing existing puzzles I have no problem.

RE: Unable to lunch griddlers workshop
12/07/30 19:15 Dreckerへのコメント
the workshop applet is written for Java 1.4+ . On Linux platform you can try to install OpenJDK 7 which is the latest version of Java.

RE: Unable to lunch griddlers workshop
12/07/30 19:30 Ra100へのコメント
I have installed that package (to be absolutely correct I have installed IcedTea which is base on the source of OpenJDK - http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/Main_Page )

Thanks for answer anyway emoticon

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