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Inactive plug-in

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Inactive plug-in elisadavis 13/01/31 15:43
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Inactive plug-in
13/01/31 15:43
I've been using Griddlers with the new igridd plug in for awhile now.

Today when I clicked to start a puzzle, all I see is "Inactive Plug-in"--and when I click on it, my computer searched and said all my software is up to date.

Any idea what I need to do?

I am using a MacBook running OS 10.6.8 and I get the same problem with both Firefox and Safari.


RE: Inactive plug-in
13/01/31 18:12 elisadavisへのコメント
Hi, Java is not longer supported by Apple on Mac OS. You can download Java Runtime Environment from Oracle - www.java.com .

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/01/31 19:03 Ra100へのコメント
Is that something that suddenly happened today? One would think there would be some notice on the Apple website (where I was able to reinstall Java, not that that helped).

I was able to use the plug in until last night. Do you know that something specifically happened between 6 a.m. GMT and 2 p.m. GMT that caused the plug in to be inactive and not be able to be activated?

I'm curious as to whether there are any other Mac OS users having this problem.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/01/31 19:28 Ra100へのコメント
Okay, I've now spent time on the Apple website (which still has it's own Java version for OS 10.6.8, which is what my computer runs). No suggestion that Apple doesn't support Java for Mac OS.

I've also gone to www.java.com as you suggested. The software you suggested is only available for higher numbered OS's (which is what Apple says, too).

I've done several searches about what to do about "Inactive plug-in" and everything I've found says just to click that message. That solution doesn't work for me.

I also went into Java preferences to make sure that the proper permissions are enabled. They are. Just to make sure, I disabled them, rebooted, then re-enabled.  Didn't fix anything.

Is anyone else having this particular problem? If it's related to Apple's relationship with Java, this problem wouldn't uniquely be happening to me.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/01/31 19:57 Ra100へのコメント
If I understand this article, there seems to be no workaround for now:


I'm surprised no one else has written besides me.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 0:37 elisadavisへのコメント
Same problem as every-one else with Mac OSX, 10.6.8.    I tried everything mentioned, and no success, so deleted the igridd applet files and then tried to download applet again, still getting inactive plug-in message.

Not sure whose responsibility it is to fix this or where to go for solution.   Should I lobby Java, Apple or Griddlers ?????

Please help.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 4:29 patsy1へのコメント
Apple disabled Java for all of us. No workarounds that will last (and the ones I've read about look a little too frightening in terms of leaving our systems vulnerable).

Who to lobby? Oracle.

Meanwhile, no griddlers. emoticon  Am very sad.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 4:48 elisadavisへのコメント
Me Too! Inactive plugin as of last night. Also running OS 10.6.8. 

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 6:44 TLTへのコメント
Hi, what about Firefox ? I think the Java plugin is blocked only in Safari.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 6:49 Ra100へのコメント
I have tried both Firefox and Safari.  Same result.  Normally I used Firefox.  It is an issue with Java and Mac, regardless of Web browser.  Thanks for your thoughts.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 6:51 Ra100へのコメント
It's blocked for all browsers. Apple will not allow Java to connect to anything through the Internet.

Apparently it works in programs that are only used offline.

This is something new. Have you noticed a big drop off in activity on the stie as a result?

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 6:52 elisadavisへのコメント
I too have Java issues.  Here is what I have found out and I have emailed to Griddler Team.  You might do this also to encourage them to assist. 
    For those with PC's there seem to be no issue.  
     For those with MAC--no solution--yet--It does not matter what version of Java or what browser you use.  Nothing will work because:
1.  Java is no longer supported by Apple.  (Apple previously had a deal with Oracle-the provider of Java and they cancelled it.)  Thus no Java application can run on a Mac product.
2.  Any other application you have that needs Java is also now non-functional.
3.  This is true on every browser  
4.  Some persons in various forums have suggested going directly to Java.com to install or reinstall.  You cannot do it--Because--surprise--there is no download available for a Mac!!  An Apple product user cannot download Java. 
5.  Apple has stated there will be no fix.  They have stated that they told Java of this event 2 years ago.  There is no point in contacting Apple.
6.    And Java (Oracle has done nothing to provide a solution.)  Even IF Oracle/Java had a fix--Apple will not support it.
7.  Bottom line is:  Anyone using an Apple product can no longer do Griddler puzzles.
   Best solution:  Griddlers needs to get another plug-in that is Mac compatible.  The consequence of not doing so will result in huge l loss of players to Griddlers AND a huge loss to individual puzzlers.  And if/when it does--post a notice on their Homepage to download a new plug-in.  Then we would all be happy again.  Until then (: (: (:

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:00 jj4410へのコメント
What you've written is not entirely accurate. Java is still on Macs, but right now Apple is blocking running it on sites that connect through the internet. If Oracle can plug the security holes, we can expect Apple to reverse the blocking.


Is a good story that is written in clear language that explains what is happening.

Your message makes it sound as though it would be simple for the Griddlers team to find some other platform for the puzzles. Hard to imagine that is true.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:02 jj4410へのコメント
Caught between a rock and a hard place.  Agree with the previous.  There is no win-win here unless Griddlers can resolve it.  I have been on this site at least once a week for 5 years and I'm jones-ing today.  Griddlers Team can you help.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:12 elisadavisへのコメント
Reply to Elisa--I read the article this morning--however it misses the point entirely!!  Apple has severed all ties with Java/Oracle.  They gave Oracle 2 years to fix the security issue and Oracle did not.  So Apple cancelled Oracle by refusing to support the application on Apple products.  I have found nothing to support the idea that Oracle is fixing what Apple calls "security issues".  So even IF, Oracle fised it--there is no guarentee that Apple will let it back in.  There is bad blood between Apple and Oracle.  

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:18 jj4410へのコメント
I've been reading a lot of material on this (on MacRumors, too). Apple has not severed all ties with Java. It still even has Java to download right on its website. And you can still run programs with Java on the Mac.

If you have any actual links to back up your assertions, please share them.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:24 elisadavisへのコメント
Only if you have Apple's Leopard--10.7 & higher. There were issues with that.  According to forums, most 10.7 users were uninstalling SE 7 for Leopard and reinstalling SE 6.  Tell me of anything you have found that Oracle intends to fix the issue to Apple's satisfaction.  I have found none.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:28 jj4410へのコメント
Oops--I meant OS 10.7 LION.  10.6 is Snow Leopard.  Sorry for the typpo.  But the info remains the same.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:30 elisadavisへのコメント
Reply to Elisa- And even in the Boston Globe article which, you are correct, explains it well, states "No comment from Oracle."  A thought to ponder :  You would think that IF Oracle wanted to fix the security issues for Mac users, not to mention Homeland Security, it would be issuing press releases and patches.  

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 7:43 jj4410へのコメント
for those of you who are frustrated by Apple and Oracle approach i put a link to Lite version of puzzle to the detail page. It is located above the applet area.
Lite version is really lite. So far you can just solve the puzzle, not more. There is no Save, Zoom, Guides, Markers etc. 
But it works.

P.S. Plan is to make this application as good as the old applet as much as possible.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 16:25 Ra100へのコメント
I just tried the Lite version and umm, well I gave up after a few seconds because there was no way I was going to fill in large sections one box at a time!  If there is no resolution to this issue, will those of us with subscriptions get refunds?  I just paid for a year subscription a couple of months ago. 

P.S.  I think I'm in Griddlers withdrawl LOL

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 16:34 Eralcymへのコメント
Ra100 says the Lite version will be fully upgraded to resemble the Java app.

Meanwhile, one workaround is to upgrade your OS, if that is an option for you. I just had a good talk with Apple tech support. As long as you have at least 4MB of RAM and at least 10.6.8, you can upgrade to Mountain Lion for $20 through the Mac App store. There are plenty of other advantages to Mountain Lion than just being able to use this site.

No I'm not trying to sell you something! Just sharing what I've learned while investigating this issue. It isn't Griddler's fault that Oracle has a product with a huge enough security hole that the Department of Homeland Security is telling people not to use their product, nor that Apple is taking such a hamhanded approach to "protecting" us from the hole.

(and I'm in as severe Griddlers withdrawal as anyone else, I assure you!)emoticon

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 0:02 Eralcymへのコメント
P.S. I used the Lite version and didn't have to fill in one box at a time. Hold down the mouse button and then drag to fill in multiple boxes.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 16:41 elisadavisへのコメント
I am not blaming the griddlers team for this issue at all.  I'm sorry if that was how it sounded.  I wasn't asking for a refund, just asking what the plans are as I'm sure many would agree that we didn't pay to use the lite version that is available to anyone.

I'm glad to hear you are trying to get answers and see where we go from here, although I'm a bit confused now.  Why is it that Mountain Lion will work if Apple has cut ties with them?  Just trying to understand  - and yeah, might just upgrade my OS if thats what it takes to get my griddler fix ;)  emoticon

Thanks for all you guys do!!

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 17:51 Eralcymへのコメント
If there is no resolution to this issue, will those of us with subscriptions get refunds?  I just paid for a year subscription a couple of months ago. 

P.S.  I think I'm in Griddlers withdrawl LOL

Users who want to get a refund need to send an email to team@griddlers.net with their username on the site.
Before doing that, we suggest waiting for a few days and check the upgraded Lite version. At first it won't be as good as the Java solver, but remember that the Java solver was not perfect either when we first launched it.
We also suggest upgrading your system, or at least check if you can. Afterall, it will solve the problem and you'll be back to the solver you are used to.

Saying that, if you don't want to wait and wish to get a refund now - please send us a detailed request.


RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 18:17 Eralcymへのコメント
Apple has not cut ties with Java/Oracle. The "info" from jj4410 is inaccurate.

What Apple has done is blocked the ability for Java to connect with the Internet for those of us with OS 10.6.8 or earlier. Those versions of Java come from Apple, not from Oracle. I know this is confusing--I feel like I've become an expert on something I never cared to know anything about. *LOL*

Oracle will, as far as I know, continue to make the Java software that installs on OS's higher than Snow Leopard. Thus, if you get Lion or Mountain Lion, you can use the Oracle-supplied Java software, and then you can choose to override the security warnings and use Java with Griddlers.  I trust Griddlers but won't allow Java to use other sites, and that option is available with the Java for later versions of the Mac OS.

Hope this clarifies further.

The guy at Apple support was really helpful on the phone, and he assured me that calls to them on this subject do not require paying a fee even for those of us whose warranties and/or Apple Care have expired.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 18:04 elisadavisへのコメント
I guess I'll call Apple as well and try to urge them to make an update available to 10.6.8 as well. If I had wanted to upgrade to Lion, I would have already done it. Snow Leopard is a much better and more stable operating system. I did try Griddlers today with my old powerpc computer running Tiger - 10.4 and yes, that is blocked as well. Aargh!

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 19:42 elisadavisへのコメント
  Not trying to argue with you.  When I said Apple severed/cancelled all ties with Oracle I should have said Virtually severed, since Apple blocked the plu-in.    And there is bad blood between them.  Ties got "severed" when Apple refused to support the Java plug in.  
  As to upgrading to Lion or Mountain Lion--I would encourage any one thinking of doing that to search forums regarding the number of complaints regarding Java 7 (which is for Lion).  Most of what I found were individuals uninstalling 7 and reinstalling 6.  (This was when that could be done), because for various reasons Java 7 was difficult.  I found these comments on Apple forum sites as well as doing broad search on Java 7.  
You are correct that the OS Lion 10.7 still runs Java.  However, I found this document from US Homeland Security issued January 24, 2013.  It states that Java 7 also has issues and I suspect Apple will soon block Java 7 as well.
http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/625617 is the link to document.
   This is NOT Griddlers fault--it just majorly effects them and any other games on the internet that use Java.  It is not really Apple's fault as the decision seems to be based on "protecting" us.  However, Apple could have chosen to let it run with a warning or user choice to allow plug-in or not.
    Since Java had a virtual lock on games, I do not know if Griddlers can find another platform/plug in that works as well.  According to an e-mail I received from them, they had looked into it-but nothing compared to Java.   And it is not easy to rewrite the script/language.  I suggested that Griddlers contact Oracle as a customer and determine when and if a fix would be coming.  
   Oracle has the upper hand.  And again today, I have found nothing that talks of a fix.  Nothing on their web site or in Oracle forums.  And if Oracle were working on said security issues--one would think the info would be plastered all over the web--so as to save Java from oblivion.  If and when Oracle does a fix to the security issue-it will have to pass the Department of Homeland Security tests--(which could take months) and then maybe Apple will allow the plug-in. 

  And, as a side note: I live in Arizona, US and travel to Hawaii often.  One of the larger Hawaiian Islands is Lanai.  This past summer the CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison--noted as the 3rd richest man in the US and 6th in the world-- bought 98% of the island from David Murdoch of Dole Foods.
  I suggest we all start lobbying Oracle!!  Go to Oracle.com and whether in a contact e-mail or forum venue, barrage them with requests to fix Java security issues ASAP. 

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/01 20:54 jj4410へのコメント
More info on Oracle.  Apparently you need to create an Oracle account to post on a forum.  Although I found no forums related to Java security issues listed.  They maybe there, but I am not going to create an account to find out.
  BUT, at oracle.com--in the top tool bar there is a "Select Region/Country" option.  Click on that and then click on your country.  Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see "Contact Us".  Click and find telephone numbers and for most countries an e-mail addresses, for your country.   
   Oracle is in Red Shores, California.  On the US tab, "contact us" there are local and toll free numbers for general use and tech support.  I can find no email address, which I find interesting.  Perhaps I will use the e-mail addresses provided for other countries.  I tried calling and circuits are busy-so will keep trying. 
   If you call or e-mail, just let them know you want the security issue fixed.  And if anyone gets a reply-please post your info.  
   Thanks to all the efforts of the Griddler team which I know is trying to relolve.  emoticonemoticon.  In the meantime, we can contact--repeatedly if necessary, Oracle.  At the very least to give us info as to their intention to solve or not.
  Also, I called Apple and was told virtually the same thing as the above post.  Note that Apple wants to sell or have you upgrade to Lion/Mountain Lion.  When I pressed Apple on the issue of the Department of Homeland Security issuing it's statement regarding Java 7, he had no answer and could not guarantee that Apple would not inactivate Java on Java 7/Lion/Mountain Lion.  

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 9:26 jj4410へのコメント
Things happen. Oracle released JRE 1.7.0_13-b20. So now Java works on Mac OS X 10.7.5 in Safari.
There are also different Warnings and Security dialogs than there were in JRE 1.7.0_11.
Maybe Apple unblocks this version.
Btw, did anyone try OpenJDK http://jdk7.java.net/download.html on Mac OS X 10.6.8 ?


RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 16:23 Ra100へのコメント
All fixed!  Apple released an update to Java for Snow Leopard.


Just click on the Apple symbol on the upper left corner of your screen, choose Software Update, close your browsers, and run the update.  Griddlers will work for you again.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 16:31 elisadavisへのコメント
OMG thank you! thank you!

K off to solve some puzzles now emoticon

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 17:56 elisadavisへのコメント
Thank You for keeping up on this!

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 18:09 TLTへのコメント
Thank you Apple and all the folks on the forum who were so informative and diligent about getting this fixed.  Good job.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 19:50 patsy1へのコメント
Still not working for those of us with Lion... ideas?

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 20:25 kmlake42へのコメント
You shouldn't be having trouble if you run Lion (I'm typing right now on a computer that runs it).

Have you checked to make sure you have the most recent Java update? You'll get that from www.java.com. Then, type "Java Preferences" into the Spotlight on your Mac, and make sure you have it set to have igridd or griddlers as safe.

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 20:40 elisadavisへのコメント
yeh, i do have the newest java downloaded.   i click on the griddler I want to solve and it's just a blank screen.  i even try clicking on the lite version and that doesn't work either.  it was working great about 5 days ago... then the last few days it just suddenly stopped.  and i haven't downloaded any updates or anything...really weird

RE: Inactive plug-in
13/02/02 21:10 kmlake42へのコメント
I'm afraid you're now past my tech capabilities. If I were in your situation, I'd call Apple to ask for help.

Should I assume you've already tried using a different browser?

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