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Latest Java version 7 update 11

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Latest Java version 7 update 11
13/02/01 13:36
I am completely fed up of downloading this wretched Java thing. I have lost count of the times I have downloaded it today only to get back to my puzzle to find the plug in blocked message there again. I hope this is not damaging my MacBook Pro! Can anyone help - in simple language please?

RE: Latest Java version 7 update 11
13/02/01 15:14 CTeeanへのコメント
Yep, the simple answer is, Apple is blocking Java from working on your computer (you're running Snow Leopard or earlier, right?).

Check out the thread "Inactive Plug-in" for more info.

I'm considering upgrading my computer to Mountain Lion as a result of this, but I have the minimum resources and am not sure it will run well on my computer. How much RAM do you have?

RE: Latest Java version 7 update 11
13/02/02 16:25 CTeeanへのコメント
Update 12 is now available and Griddlers works fine with it.


Just click on the Apple symbol on the upper left corner of your screen,
choose Software Update, close your browsers, and run the update. 
Griddlers will work for you again.

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