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How do you decide points for a puzzle?

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I wonder how the points are estimated. I have just solved the Wiking boat which should be the most difficult black/white. But I found it more easy than most other.
Is it just a question of how many black cells?

RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
10/04/27 20:36 emilboegへのコメント
You'll find the answer HERE along with some other questions such as "Why do some puzzles get high point ratings yet are relatively easy to solve, while other puzzles are much harder to solve but have much lower point ratings?"


RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
13/08/31 21:42 hagitmへのコメント
Danke, für die Antwort. Die Frage habe ich mir auch schon bei so manchem Griddler gestellt, wobei ich die leichten mit vielen Punkten dankbar annehme. emoticon

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