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Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Stuck on a puzzle? Get help in Solving - but only if...

Since this news item was published, we've got a lot of applications to get help in solving. However, some applicants failed to understand the nature of helping. What the moderataors and all other helpers provide is NOT the solution. They provide tools to continue solving and hints to the next step(s). In order to do that they need to see how far you got into the solution and where you got stuck.

To make it clear - here is what solvers who seek for help need to do:

  • Solve the puzzle up to the point you got stuck.
  • Make a screenshot of the puzzle and mark, if possible, the place you got stuck.
  • Include the clues in your screenshot. That way people can use the image to study them.
  • Upload the image into the Forum Get Help in Solving with additional information, like the puzzle ID, and if it is a Multi, write the ID of the part as well as the main ID of the Multi.

Without a screenshot and everything else mentioned above - the necessary help cannot be provided.

And now - a special request from us (hagitm and Ra100) to you (the help seekers):
The people who provide you the tips and hints actually stop from solving puzzles they like and solve yours, which is not necessarily their "cup of tea". They do it voluntarily, like any other task done here in the site. If you managed to finish the puzzle thanks to them, please write "thank you". That's the only "payment" they get and they need it.

Happy Griddling!



How do I make a screenshot?
Posted on 8/9/12 2:05 PM.
Go to the forum "Get help in Solving" -
and look at the post at the top (How do I do a screenshot).
Posted on 8/13/12 12:51 AM in reply to MathLogicLady.