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Why Do People Use SLS So Much?

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Why Do People Use SLS So Much?
1-1-11 1:13
On a lot of these forums (esp. in the "I'm stuck" area), I read a lot of people wanting to use the SLS method to solve them.

Granted, I know that the site's computer solves it that way before posting, so it is doable.

BUT, my confusion comes in where people won't use MLS when it's so obvious where clues should go. :scratch:

Any feedback about both ways would be appreciated!

RE: Why Do People Use SLS So Much?
3-1-11 23:29 Geplaatst als antwoord op wbennett.
I suppose it's just the challenge SLS provides.

For me, SLS is the basic way to solve a puzzle. With MLS there are more possible ways to solve it, but as I know the SLS solution just has to be there, I'll keep on looking until I've found it.

Why do it the easy way if you know there is a more complicated way emoticon


RE: Why Do People Use SLS So Much?
9-1-11 8:31 Geplaatst als antwoord op wbennett.
MLS takes more complex logic than SLS, and that means it's easier to make a mistake. It takes practice to be confident using MLS and some people prefer to use the simpler logic, even if that means that it takes more time to solve it.

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