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Tribute to the Authors

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Tribute to the Authors
11-2-03 1:26
I want to thank all the drawers, painters, graphic designers, et al who have being giving me some interesting hours of entertainment.

I want to thank architectofslee and mathman who collect for us the puzzles from GAMES.

I want to thank maarten001. No doubt you are gifted with paint-by-number talent.

Special thanks to wiggles. When I see your handle I know I'm going to have a challenge. You definitely excelled with the bunny, the whale, and the apple.

Thank you all.

Re: Tribute to the Authors
11-2-03 1:26 Geplaatst als antwoord op hagitm.
Thank you! It's nice to be appreciated! I will try to make more that will (hopefully) slow you down a little.

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