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Prom Night (107653-107656).....In Wrong Category?

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I'm trying to make the connection with Prom & Graduation.  I'm thinking Prom = dancing = recreation.....but don't see a group for that.  Graduation, I think of cap/gown/diploma, etc..


RE: Prom Night (107653-107656).....In Wrong Category?
26-4-12 15:31 Geplaatst als antwoord op wbennett.
This "prom" is not the only one that is in a "wrong catetgory".

In Society --> Education --> Graduation I found a few more:
106305 - At the Prom
85039 - Ready for the Prom
58031 - Dancing at the Prom
I guess there is a party (Prom) when you get those Graduation hats, or at least somebody thought so.

I also found some Proms in: People and Relationship --> Couples
I am not sure it's the right place to put them.

"Just" dancing doesn't sound right to me. Any other suggestion?


RE: Prom Night (107653-107656).....In Wrong Category?
18-5-12 23:25 Geplaatst als antwoord op hagitm.
"Just" dancing doesn't sound right to me. Any other suggestion?
I'm from the US, so I think of "Prom" as a dance event you experience while in high school - usually occuring in April.

The other countries might have a different meaning.

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