I can't open the envelope with the key anymore. Is this a bug or intentional?
Posted on 8/22/17 1:12 AM

Thank you so much - love these puzzles!!!
Posted on 10/21/13 7:10 AM

A great puzzle. Hope to have more like it.
Posted on 4/22/13 8:54 PM

I solve the puzzle. I changed some different colours. Can I change them back. I tried "reset the colours", but it didn't work.
Posted on 10/28/12 5:11 PM

Excellent! Thank you!
Posted on 6/6/12 10:46 AM

what do you mean "check the secret message "? check where??
Posted on 10/7/11 5:03 PM

Hagit has provided a great illustration on the forum about finding the secret messages:
Posted on 10/7/11 9:50 PM as reply to hilas

a very awesome puzzle - can we get more?
Posted on 9/9/11 7:33 PM

Excellent puzzles - quite difficult in places, but the added extra of the secret was BRILLIANT !!!! Hope there will be more like this in the future I really enjoyed doing these - thanks mooseroo
Posted on 9/6/11 10:37 AM

Puzzle excellent,super,ideal....Thanks %100
Posted on 9/4/11 3:41 PM

iki bulmaca çözdüm ama şifre açılmıyor.Zarfın üstüne basınca (Gizli mesajı elde etmek için bulmacayı çözün) ifadesi geliyor.Ne yapmalıyım?
Posted on 9/4/11 1:44 AM

Thank you, Mooseroo! This tip is working :-) Now I'm looking forward solving the next three parts ;-)
Posted on 9/3/11 9:49 PM

I believe this is the first time secret messages on a multi has been tried, so there is a lot of learning going on!
The best thing a solver can do is check the secret message immediately after solving a section.
If your sections are already solved, try this. In the upper right of your saved Griddlers page is "Go directly to Puzzle ID." Enter each section's ID from here one at a time (113589 - 113594) and the secret message should change each time until you get all six. If this doesn't work, message me and I will send the secret messages to you.
Thanks for your patience.
Posted on 9/3/11 5:45 PM

I have almost the same problem. I did the second part, now I can't see my first secret message, now it is the same like the second :-(
Posted on 9/3/11 2:49 PM

I get the same secret message for every section, aren't there supposed to be 6?
Posted on 9/3/11 3:42 AM

Each section of this multi depicts a small part of 6 different larger images. When solved, each section will reveal a secret message(*). Use each section's secret message in a Google image search to find the larger image it comes from. Send me (mooseroo) a list of the images' subjects to have your name listed in the forum as a Winner
Posted on 9/2/11 2:30 AM

Got it solved but have no idea how to do the rest of it- what "secret message"???
Posted on 9/3/11 10:04 PM as reply to mooseroo