it's almost a pity that I finished this puzzle, loved it, thx Dominiekemoticon
Posted on 1/17/17 1:57 PM

This one took me forever but I was determined to finish it just so I could get a chance to say how awesome it was! Well done!
Posted on 6/22/15 10:22 PM

one of the most popular subjects for jigsaw puzzles comes to griddlers!
Posted on 5/20/15 11:43 PM

Wonderful! I liked it very much, an some parts were really hard, but yes, I like it!!!
Posted on 12/19/14 2:38 PM

My favourite one so far emoticon Very challenging, some parts took hours... but it's too addicting to give up.
Posted on 10/26/13 8:22 PM

Thank you.
Posted on 2/5/13 6:37 AM