For me the challenge was solving it without changing colours, but I must admit that I saw for one hour everything double (cars with four headlights, people with two noses and tripods with six legs)
Posted on 3/8/14 12:40 AM

as much as the thought of filling my world with four-breasted women intrigued me, I opted to change the colors to solve
Posted on 11/27/15 6:33 AM as reply to retapo53

I love the finished result. The "sparkles" really set it off nicely
Posted on 10/22/13 6:19 AM

I had to shift some of the colors to work it, but I love the way the ones you've chosen look in the finished picture. Great image, fun puzzle.
Posted on 3/21/13 9:33 AM

good griddler, but strange colors
Posted on 3/14/13 8:18 PM

stunning picture and the difficult colours are a real challenge! =D
Posted on 3/11/13 2:28 PM

Vraiment très beau emoticon
Posted on 3/6/13 3:18 AM

terrible colors
Posted on 2/27/13 1:31 PM