a couple of people have pointed it out already, but i'm gonna say it anyhow ... this is a fill-in ... for all the (at this point, i'd like to say morons) people who call other puzzles fill-ins because they are largely short of logic - here you go
Posted on 1/12/15 10:46 AM

Well, I liked the puzzel. I had to look at it a moment to see the girl. At first I thought it was a magnet. lol.
Posted on 8/13/14 9:59 PM

Image may be worthwhile, but this isn't a puzzle. It's a fill-in. There is no "1" space (normally called "whitespace") anywhere. This results in no puzzle, and basically a chore filling in all 25 squares. This can be fixed by making the background any of the five colours in the picture, thus resolving the whitespace problem by making it colour "1".
Posted on 4/22/14 3:37 AM

Posted on 1/13/14 11:53 PM

If someone creates a puzzle to solve then they do not deserve a 0%. To balance that earlier score I will give it 100%. Thanks for the puzzle!
Posted on 5/4/13 7:07 AM

A very well 100% image!!!!
Posted on 4/29/13 11:40 PM

check ...
Posted on 4/29/13 10:22 PM

Background is sand (yellow) and sky (blue). Great puzzle. Nice job.
Posted on 4/28/13 7:03 PM

As the first solver of the puzzle I have to ask one thing: where is the background color?!? Nowhere to be found. This puzzle is the perfect example of a fill-in, absolutely no thinking required. Even though the end result is quite nice I have to rate this 0%.
Posted on 4/28/13 11:11 AM