Thanks y’all. Glad to hear it was to your satisfaction. I’ve a new one out now, William Morris – Marigold. Check it out if you’re up for another challenge.
Posted on 11/27/13 1:04 AM

Thanks y’all. Warms the cockles that does.
Posted on 11/27/13 1:02 AM

Beautiful. Really interesting to do - hard but logical.
Posted on 7/14/13 9:32 PM

Realmente espectacular. He disfrutado resolviendo este griddle
Posted on 6/27/13 2:04 PM

Very beautiful!
Posted on 6/21/13 9:24 PM

Nicely done. I enjoyed the puzzle a great deal. Complicated, for sure, but far from impossible. Thanks for the challenge!
Posted on 6/12/13 10:52 AM

There you go Roy, a new multi has been published: William Morris - Anemone. Have fun!
Posted on 6/4/13 1:49 PM

Thank you miffy, I do enjoy those hard but logical ones myself, much more so than the fill-in ones, so I strive to make them difficult. ;)
Posted on 6/2/13 6:13 PM

Great puzzle found it quite hard in places but the end result justifies the slight frustration
Posted on 5/16/13 4:15 PM

I wondered about that too gemagirl, but that’s the name of the Morris design. I imagine its the red flowers that depict a segment of the hyacinth.
Posted on 5/15/13 12:05 AM

great flowers but no hyacinth
Posted on 5/14/13 9:48 PM

Thanks for the kind words Roy — warms the cockles that does. I’ve another one in the works, its gonna take a lil while longer, its large and fairly complicated, but I aim for your patience to be well rewarded. emoticon
Posted on 5/14/13 3:51 PM

I can't choose which one is more beautiful, this one or the other one.
In all cases: One more for the road, will be fine!
Thank you so much for your multi griddlers!
Posted on 5/14/13 12:43 PM