çok güzel
Posted on 8/20/13 10:56 AM

wow ... fantastic result!!
Posted on 8/2/13 6:13 PM

The shadowry you use, not only in your single piece griddlers, but also in these multi-griddler portraits is simply astonishing! A joy to make (although a little bit too easy for my taste) and a fantastic result. On to the next one!
Posted on 7/23/13 3:20 PM

There is a constant tension between image quality and difficulty. Having tried both approaches, I find it easier to create difficulty than to create image quality, and so I have now tended towards the latter. I'd love to achieve both, but I am content with a little too low difficulty and a little too much infill in order to achieve the quality.
Posted on 7/26/13 3:38 PM as reply to dreamtheater