Posted on 10/17/13 1:48 AM

Nice puzzle. By the way, I always solve sudoku with a pencil...
Posted on 9/1/13 1:19 PM

sorry, but what's that thing in the bottom right hand corner? (I KNOW it's a pencil, I'm being a wiseacre - everyone does all these things online now - noone ever used pencils anymore - I don't think I even own one! LOL)
Posted on 2/17/10 11:26 PM

Being addicted to puzzles (duh, why else would I be here), and Sudoku in general (though I prefer the squiggy variety)... I guess I'm trying to say in an over-verbose manner that your puzzle was fun and meets my approval. Have I run out of sp
Posted on 9/5/09 4:34 AM